Multi-chain Solution

Multi-chain Solution

Through a unique cryptographic and economic model design, 4EVERLAND organizes a series of nodes deployed in a large number of locations to form a network of IPFS Swarm nodes, creating the ability to bridge the transfer of storage files between different storage ecosystems, thus realizing the cross-chaining of assets and data across the entire network.
  • Multi-chain login:
Wallet login, the platform obtains the signature of each wallet as an ID and verifies it during the login process. If the signature is verified, the login is successful. 4EVERLAND supports login access with different public chain wallets.
  • Multi-chain payment
Through the Celer network service, support evm compatible chains, deploy a contract in each of the two evm compatible chains for sending and receiving. The sending itself is determined by the user, but if you accept it, you need to go through Celer IM The service sends another transaction to execute.
  • Data cross-chain:
According to the data transmission mechanism, the custom tag of IPFS is bridged in the process of transmission to Arweave on-chain. The data service it carries has been returned to IPFS itself during the transmission process, and the node is allowed to Arweave & IPFS implement the usual data distribution incentives.
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