Site Deployment
With 4EVERLAND, you can seamlessly deploy websites to DFINITY's Internet Computer ('IC'). The entire deployment process, from front-end canister creation to cycle management is abstracted and automated so that you can build fast sites on IC trustless, permissionless, and open infrastructure in a couple clicks.
Furthermore, for the Internet Computer ecosystem, we provide the following tools:
  • 4EVERLAND's Internet Computer Gateway
  • Automatic Cycle Management
When you deploy a static site to the Internet Computer via 4EVERLAND, a front-end canister will be created, and updated automatically by 4EVERLAND with each deployment. Everything is deployed to our CDN as a performance front, with free SSL certificate. Currently, we support custom DNS domains on IC projects but ENS and other alternatives will be added in the future.

Getting Started

We've got the fastest way for you to g et started with Internet Computer using 4EVERLAND! Simply log in to 4EVERLAND, host the project deployment settings (select IC) and click on Deploy. You can click here to get started now!

Site Depolyment

Deploying a static website to DFINITY's Internet Computer on 4EVERLAND is as easy as Deployment IPFS, or the Web 2.0 services you know.With our GitHub integration, there is no risk of outdated content, or delays. When you push to your repository, 4EVERLAND will pick up the changes and update your canister on DFINITY's Internet Computer accordingly.

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