4EVERLAND's AI RPC provides a unified interface for utilizing various Large Language Models (LLMs), enabling users to discover, compare, and select models and pricing options based on their specific requirements without dealing with the complexities of deploying these large and intricate open-source LLMs. AI RPC empowers users to connect the most suitable model (open-source and proprietary), offering a range of models with diverse features and expertise.

By leveraging AI RPC, users can more efficiently access cutting-edge AI models, thereby enhancing applications, services, or research. The basic workflow framework is as follows:


The primary advantage of 4EVERLAND's AI RPC is its ability to obviate the complexities and resource requirements associated with deploying large and intricate open-source LLMs. Instead, users can leverage AI RPC to search, compare, connect, and access the best-fit models for their unique requirements.

  1. Pay-As-You-Go: Within the 4EVERLAND ecosystem, LAND serves as the sole pricing asset, with all resources valued in LAND. To utilize resources, users need to expend a corresponding amount of LAND. In contrast to the traditional subscription model, the pay-as-you-go approach offers greater flexibility, enabling users to exert more precise control over costs.

  2. Multi-model support: Access multiple(100+) AI models simultaneously to cater to a wide range of use cases and model preferences. AI RPC allows users to send a request to multiple models and receive the best response from the optimal model.

  3. Standardized API: 4EVERLAND offers a unified standard API interface, eliminating the need to modify code when switching between models or providers.

  4. Auto API: Simplify the process by letting the system identify the best AI model for your specific query and deliver the optimal response.

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