Our Features

Global Acceleration

The consensus-driven Swarm network technology greatly improves network availability and provides global developers with more efficient and faster WEB 3.0 accessibility services.

Privacy Protection

4EVERLAND does not need any KYC details. Users are anonymous, and their data is safe and secured.

Distributed Storage

4EVERLAND uses a Swarm distributed storage network to achieve data availability and reliability.

Convenient and Efficient

4EVERLAND provides a series of developer tools to help developers quickly implement functions such as one-click front-end deployment and multi-chain contract deployment. Developers can easily grasp the product design, release, and maintenance without any complicated operations.


4EVERLAND cooperates with various public chain ecological miners to obtain miner support with batch scale effect to help developers reduce deployment and maintenance costs.


4EVERLAND supports a variety of heterogeneous chains, including Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Polygon, Filecoin, etc., through an open and transparent access mechanism to achieve interoperability between multiple chains, helping developers to better enjoy multiple ecosystems system resources.

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