1. What is LAND?

- LAND is the sole gas within the 4EVERLAND ecosystem, utilized for tracking the usage of various ecosystem resources. Its value is pegged to the US dollar, with 1 USD equating 1,000,000 LAND.

  1. Who is LAND designed for?

- LAND functions as the "Gas" of the 4EVERLAND ecosystem and is employed to pay for a variety of resource consumption. All users and developers wishing to use 4EVERLAND services are required to have sufficient LAND to cover resource usage.

  1. What fees are involved in purchasing services using LAND?

- When recharging LAND using different chains, there will be a gas consumption fee. However, subsequent usage will automatically deduct LAND from the account without incurring further charges.

  1. From which chains can LAND be recharged?

- LAND deposit is currently available on Polygon, BSC, zkSync Era, and Arbitrum. 4EVERLAND also intends to continue adding support for additional chains.

  1. Can LAND be used for transfer transactions?

- Currently, LAND can only be used to purchase product services within 4EVERLAND and can only be acquired using USDC/USDT/DAI, and cannot be transferred.

  1. How can existing users migrate or withdraw?

- Resources obtained through purchase or airdrop that have not been fully utilized automatically convert to equivalent LAND recharge in the account. For withdrawing existing USDC from the account, visit the following link: https://dashboard.4everland.org/billing/withdraw.

  1. How to purchase resources now?

- After the resource center upgrade, resource purchases will transition to a LAND-based model. On the "Deposit" page, select the desired resources, which will then be automatically converted to corresponding LAND for recharging.

  1. It seems that I have USDC in my wallet, but the balance is shown as 0 and I'm unable to complete a deposit?

- Currently, there are multiple variants of USDC on the Polygon, and 4EVERLAND only supports recharging using the usdc.e variant at the moment (which is typically obtainable through trading on Uniswap). Please note that the USDC traded on centralized exchanges is usually the native variant, which 4EVERLAND will soon support.

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