Domain Management

After creating a site, 4EVERLAND will automatically assign domains based on the platform your site is hosted on.

If your site is hosted on IPFS, it will be assigned domains like: &

If your site is hosted on an Internet computer, 4EVERLAND will automatically assign the domains by: [CANISTER_ID].app. For example, it may look like this:

Similarly, sites on Arweave will be automatically assigned a domain name by

You can easily connect your IPFS, Internet computer sites, and Arweave applications to unique domains using 4EVERLAND.

To advance your websites into the Open Web by decentralizing their naming, use custom DNS domains or blockchain domains (IPFS only) like Ethereum Name Service(ENS) & Solana Name Service(SNS) on your websites.

Additionally, DNSLink can be configured to direct domains to dynamic IPFS file hashes.

Getting Started

Here are some guides on how to get started, and if you run into any issues along the way, you can always visit our troubleshooting guide, or contact us for help.

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