So why should I store my content with 4EVERLAND?

Is the content I store on 4EVERLAND private?

Although IPFS and Arweave are public networks, 4EVERLAND does not disclose the information held on our system with anyone.

Can I delete my data on 4EVERLAND?

You can delete data related with your account, and it will no longer appear on your Dashboard page. However, nodes in the IPFS decentralized storage network are permitted to keep copies of the data indefinitely. 4EVERLAND should not be used for data that will need to be permanently deleted in the future.

Can Arweave Data really be stored forever?

Data is able to be stored forever due to the combination of an economic incentive structure that enables the storers of the data to be paid over long periods of time and the innovation of technology around a blockchain database that Arweave calls a blockweave.

Limit on the number of files that can be uploaded to the Bucket directory?

There are no imposed limitations on this service. However, if your directory is huge or contains a significant number of files, uploading may be problematic owing to memory constraints (particularly if you are uploading to a website via a browser or if the directory size exceeds the device's RAM) or connectivity issues.

If this is the case, we recommend dividing your directory into smaller ones.

Arweave vs Filecoin

What's the pricing model of 4EVERLAND?

Please check out our pricing page here.

How long will the data be stored on 4EVERLAND?

It depends on the platform you choose on 4EVERLAND, but of course normally the data will be available indefinitely in IPFS and Arweave.

How to turn on or off automatic re-build deployments after Github code updates?

Simply go to Project > Settings > Gits > Production Branch and turn the 'Deploy Hook' option on or off.


Receive an HTTP error when retrieving content from IPFS using an HTTP gateway.

Using an HTTP gateway to retrieve content from IPFS has the potential to create a single point of failure. Users accessing content through a specific gateway may be unable to view the content if that gateway is shut down, overloaded, or experiencing other troubles.

We propose trying another gateway or running and using your own IPFS node in this scenario.

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