Gateway Access Controls

4EVERLAND's dedicated gateway provides fast and reliable access to IPFS content and offers gateway control options to avoid unreasonable external use of the exposed gateways.
These settings will ensure that your dedicated gateway is used under your control.

Open or Restricted?

The Open Gateway will be made available to any content on IPFS, even if it is not pinned to your account. This means that anyone with the link can access the content provided by the gateway.
Restricted gateways will only provide access to content that is pinned to your account.

Restricted Gateway

After creating the dedicated gateway, visit the 'edit' page and select 'Settings'.
When enabled, the dedicated gateway will restrict access to external content as much as possible and only provide content that is pinned to your account. If you wish to add further security restrictions, please visit and add Allowlists.


Enabling origins allowlists will allow only whitelisted sites to refer to the gateway for content on the IPFS network.
Also, if you do not add any origins parameters, the gateway will only be accessible through the address bar.
If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at [email protected].