Site Deployment

4EVERLAND Hosting deploys every new website atomically, ensuring that there are never any discrepancies when submitting new files or making modifications to existing ones.

Once you have chosen a deployment method, you should follow the tutorial below to complete the construction.

Edit Configuration

Hosting Platform

4EVERLAND Hosting supports IPFS, Arweave, BNB Greenfield, and Internet Computer automatic deployment, please choose the platform you need to deploy according to your needs, here we take IPFS as an example.

Basic & Build Configuration

4EVERLAND Hosting will attempt to automatically detect the site's framework and apply the correct build parameters. However, in some cases you may need to enter the parameters manually during the initial site deployment phase or in the site setup after the site has been deployed.

Here are some build parameters you can modify.

  • Framework Preset: Select the framework of your choice. This selection will be used for all deployments within your Project. However, if no framework is detected, "Other" will be selected.

  • Build Command: The commands to execute to build the site. Eg: npm install && npm run build. If your frondend does not require a build, leave this field empty.

  • Output Directory: The directory in which your compiled frontend will be located. If you want to serve everything instead of a sub directory, leave this field empty.

  • Environment variables: The values of your environment variables. Eg: Game_2048.

Deploy Overview

You can find a deploy overview on the detail page of any successful deploy, right above the Building log. It allows you to quickly identify your deploy status and refer to the details in the log based on different types of information.

Sync to IPFS

Contains the Hash of the page on the IPFS.

Assigning Domains

4EVERLAND Hosting will assign two free domains to each deployment, they are &

Visit your deployment

You can access directly through the domains assigned by 4EVERLAND Hosting or through the way IPFS Gateway + CID.

Here we recommend using the 4EVERLAND Public IPFS Gateway for the best experience:

The 4EVERLAND public IPFS gateway is:<CID>

For more information about 4EVERLAND gateways please check GATEWAYS.

Deleting a deployment

Deleting a Site

Deleting a site is an irreversible action so proceed with caution.

There are lots of ways to delete your project in 4EVERLAND. Click the Delete button:

Or go to the settings and navigate to Advanced > Delete Project. A modal will then appear with a warning and instructions to remove the site.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at

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