Internet Computer Hosting

What is Internet Computer?

Internet Computer (ICP) is a set of protocols that allow independent data centers around the world to band together and offer a decentralized alternative to the current centralized internet cloud providers.

The Internet Computer attempts to offer a fundamental alternative so that developers can build, host, and serve applications in a more decentralized way — allowing websites to be deployed directly onto the public internet. Further, the Internet Computer would incentivize open source and transparent software development.


4EVERLAND's IC Hosting service allows you to build and deploy fast decentralized sites on the Internet Computer (IC) open infrastructure with just a few clicks. The entire deployment process, from front-end canister creation to cycle management, is abstracted and automated, making it easy for developers to host their sites on the IC.

To minimize the complexity of creating canister smart contracts and updating content, 4EVERLAND will first create a new canister for the project on the IC containing the project's content, code, and files during the first deployment of the site. This canister is then used to manage and update the site going forward, simplifying the deployment process and reducing the amount of manual work required.

Once the canister is created, 4EVERLAND will complete the first deployment follow-up setup and go live with the site. This makes it easy to get started with hosting and deploying your site on the IC, even if you are new to the platform.

Overall, 4EVERLAND's IC Hosting service provides a powerful and flexible platform for hosting and deploying fast decentralized sites on the Internet Computer, offering high performance, reliability, and security.

When you deploy a static site to the Internet Computer via 4EVERLAND, everything is deployed to our CDN as a performance front, with free SSL certificate and preview URL. Currently, we support custom DNS domains on IC projects but ENS and SNS will be added in the future.

Getting Started

Getting Started with 4EVERLAND by deploying your first website. The quickest way to begin is by connecting your website's GitHub repository to deploy directly from there and allow for continuous deployment. If you so choose, you can also deploy by uploading the full code base for you website.

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