What is Hosting?


Yes, the 4EVERLAND Hosting services are designed to help developers host websites and decentralized applications (DApps) on multiple protocols, including IPFS, Arweave, ICP and Greenfield. These hosting services provide a powerful and flexible platform for deploying and managing Web3.0 applications and websites.

With 4EVERLAND Hosting services, developers can quickly and easily deploy websites to Web3.0 by using Github authorization or a Cli local template build. This makes it easy to get started with hosting and deploying Web3.0 applications and websites, even if you are new to the platform.

In addition to the easy deployment process, the 4EVERLAND Hosting services also provide advanced features and capabilities to help developers optimize and manage their applications and websites. For example, the platform provides advanced caching and content delivery network (CDN) capabilities, as well as automatic SSL certificate management and other security features.

By using the 4EVERLAND Hosting services, developers can take advantage of the power and flexibility of decentralized hosting protocols and Web3.0 technologies to create and deploy high-performance, reliable, and secure applications and websites.

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