Bucket App

Upload, browse, and manage all your files through the app interface. All files uploaded are published to IPFS and Arweave.

To get started, go ahead and log in to your 4EVERLAND account, where you will see your account dashboard.

Upload Folders and Files

Go to the 4EVERLAND Bucket and create a new Bucket.

If you need to sync this Bucket file to an AR, turn on the ‘Sync to AR’ button.

By clicking on the upload button, you can choose to upload in the following ways: Select a File, Folder, or CID (Content Identifier).

  • File: 4EVERLAND allows you to upload any type of file including image files, video files, music files, text files, apps—anything you can imagine.

  • Folder: You can upload an entire folder of content that you want to store and manage, including a collection of marketplace assets like videos, images or app files.

  • CID: A content Identifier (also referred to as a CID) is a unique string of letters and numbers which represents a piece of data, and in the case of NFTs, proves that the NFT is really yours. A CID cannot be changed once in the IPFS network without changing the content attached to the CID as well.

Choose what you would like to upload, and press upload.

View the Bucket, Folders, or Files

You can view your bucket, folders, or files via the 4EVERLAND Storage URL or directly on the 4EVERLAND gateways (With Hash/CID).

pageIPFS Gateway

View File Details

When you open an individual file you can see details about that particual file including the Image Preview, Object URL, Name, Size, and the IPFS Hash.


Make a snapshot of your folders, each version corresponds to a unique IPFS CID. Welcome! NFT artists!

pageGet Root CID - Snapshots


Select a Bucket and add a domain to it.


The fragmentation management centre, where you can delete some of the files that were previously uploaded intermittently or incorrectly to better plan your storage space.

Sync to AR

Select any file or folder and click the ‘Sync to AR’ button to sync the file to Arweave.

You may need some time to get the AR Hash.

Access Keys

Use the API key for Storage SDK.

Other Actions

Files can be downloaded and deleted. You may select multiple files and then choose delete from the Options menu if you want to delete them all at once.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at

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