Auto-Generation of Manifest

4EVERLAND is a straightforward and efficient platform for all your deployment needs. It’s key to mention that 4EVERLAND employs Manifests in its Arweave deployment process, ensuring it’s in full alignment with industry best practices.

Initiate the Process & Account Linking: Begin by navigating to the ‘Hosting’ section. Once there, proceed to ‘Projects’, then connect your 4EVERLAND account with GitHub. This integration will allow for seamless project deployment.

Import Your Repository: Once your account is connected, you will have the option to import the repository you wish to deploy. Select the desired repo.

Configuration Settings

  • Move on to ‘Step 2’.

  • Adjust the necessary configurations as per your requirements.

  • Ensure you select ‘Arweave’ as your hosting platform.


  • Once all settings are in place, click on the ‘Deploy’ button. After a successful deployment, your project will be live on Arweave.

Review and Access

  • To view the status of your project, click on ‘Project Details’.

  • If you wish to directly visit your deployed project, simply click on the ‘Visit’ button or link.

Here is the demonstration of the deployed project

You can also access the deployed project using the following URL path format:

This is what a completed deployment folder directory looks like

Automatically Generated Manifest File Showcase

As we wrap up this tutorial, it’s essential to note that there’s more than one way to achieve your Arweave deployment goals.

Aside from using automated hosting services, you have the option to manually create your website and generate a Manifest file. Once the Manifest is prepared, you can use 4EVERLAND’s bucket feature to deploy it to Arweave. The end result is essentially the same.

For more details about Path Manifest:

Path Manifests

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