We are excited to announce that our 4EVERLAND account system has undergone a significant upgrade. The registration process for new users now provides both centralized and decentralized UID options. This gives users the autonomy to choose whether or not to link their identity and resource data to the blockchain, promoting transparency and self-custody, and contributing to the creation of a more robust decentralized Web3 network.

As part of our commitment to rewarding our loyal users, we have automatically upgraded the accounts of existing users to decentralized UID at no charge. This upgrade provides an added incentive to reward their continued support, and we are thrilled to offer this benefit to our dedicated users. Additionally, these users may claim additional resources from the Reward Hub, which are specifically tailored to their needs as longtime patrons of the platform.


Upon the initial login with a new account, a centralized UID will be automatically generated during the complete registration process. As an added incentive, 4EVERLAND will provide a one-month free access to 5GB of IPFS Storage, 20MB of Arweave storage, 10GB of bandwidth, and 100 build minutes to facilitate optimal use of Hosting, Bucket storage, and other services offered by the platform.

This resource allocation will be provided as a one-time distribution and will be available until depletion, giving new users a chance to explore and experience the full capabilities of our platform.


By opting to upgrade to a centralized UID account, your UID will officially become decentralized, with your account information and resource usage recorded on the blockchain. As an additional incentive, 4EVERLAND will provide a bonus allocation of 5GB of IPFS Storage, 100MB of Arweave storage, 100GB of bandwidth, and 250 build minutes for Hosting and other services. The IPFS storage allocation will remain valid until December 31, 2023, while Arweave storage will be available indefinitely. Bandwidth and build minutes will be distributed at the beginning of each month.

Moreover, users who upgrade their accounts will have access to a wider range of activities and incentives offered through the Reward Hub, providing ample opportunities to earn additional resource rewards. This upgrade is a great way to maximize the benefits of our platform and take full advantage of the decentralized Web3 network.

Upgrade Options:

  • Polygon: Upgrade using the Polygon network to pay gas fees and complete on-chain identity registration.

  • zkSync Lite(V1): Upgrade using zkSync network, which relies on cross-chain communication technology to interact with the Polygon network and complete on-chain identity registration.

  • More

Comparison of UID Accounts

Before Activate

After Activate


Centralized issuance

Decentralized on-chain

Free resources

5GB IPFS storage, 20MB Arweave storage, 10GB bandwidth, and 100 build minutes (one-month)

6GB IPFS storage per month, 100MB Arweave storage, 100GB bandwidth per month, and 250 build minutes per month

Reward Hub

Not supported



The initial payment must be made using the Polygon network.

Supported networks include ETH, Bsc, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

For specific resource pricing models and costs, please refer to:

Pricing Model

We highly recommend that 4EVERLAND users upgrade their accounts to gain access to additional storage resources and link their identities to the Web3 network.

By taking this step, users will be able to fully participate in the decentralized world and align with the core principles of Web3. This upgrade represents a significant move towards embracing a more decentralized philosophy, which is becoming increasingly important in today's world. By linking their identities to the We3 network, users can ensure that their data is secure and that they are in control of their personal information. This is a crucial step towards building a more transparent and trustworthy internet for all.

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