Hosting CLI


Hosting offers a command-line interface for the 4EVERLAND CLI, which enables you to deploy and manage projects with a set of commands. This makes it easier for you to interact with the platform using a terminal or automated system.

Getting started with 4EVERLAND CLI


To install the CLI, run the following command:
npm install -g @4everland/hosting-cli

View Version

You can view the current version of the 4everland CLI by running the command:
4ever-hosting -v


You can login your Hosting account via the 4everland CLI by running the command:
4ever-hosting login

Enter Token

You can see your token in the Hosting setting.
The following operations are available only after successful login:
  • Project Deployment
  • Domain Operation


To deploy a project, please run the '4ever-hosting deploy' command.
4ever-hosting deploy
After entering the build command you need to do two steps
  • Give the project a name.
  • Select the platform on which the project will be deployed.
Currently IPFS, Arweave, and Internet Computer are supported.

Platform Quick Deployment

Build and deploy a project to a given platform, run the following command.
Deploy on IPFS
4ever-hosting deploy -ipfs
Deploy on Arweave
4ever-hosting deploy -ar
Deploy on Internet Computer
4ever-hosting deploy -ic


IPNS can be obtained by running the command ''4ever-hosting getipns'' in the project directory(only valid for IPFS projects).
4ever-hosting getipns
Use the IPNS Deployment, fill the <ipns> of deployment.
4ever-hosting ipns <ipns>
Select the platform(IPFS, Arweave, Internet Computer) for deployment by using the following commands.
4ever-hosting ipns <ipns> -ipfs
4ever-hosting ipns <ipns> -ar
4ever-hosting ipns <ipns> -ic
Update the corresponding CID to IPNS and redeploy.
4ever-hosting update <ipns>


Use the CID to deploy the project, fill the <cid> of deployment.
4ever-hosting cid <cid> -ipfs
4ever-hosting cid <cid> -ar
4ever-hosting cid <cid> -ic


If you need to see all the CLI commands, you can run the help command.
4ever-hosting -h
If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at [email protected].