4EVER Pin Dashboard

To get started, go ahead and log in to your 4EVERLAND account, where you will see your account dashboard.

Selected CID or Bulk CIDs

Pin By CID

Click the 'Upload' button, select 'Selected CID', fill in the information and then select 'Search and Pin'.

Bulk CIDs Upload

You need to fill in the CIDs into a .txt file line by line and upload this file for parsing.Only the parsed CIDs can be searched and pinned.

Example file:

1. QmaEZGiDrS7kDXMxbmpamrX1sPHZUM61a3YpjDoyaC3yfJ
2. QmTeRJXx623WwsoDk4371kh3JKCjoDcoWrqrhY9ekRasjE
3. QmUsQxC5bsgX53WhQ11DkxyB4uPYLEpdgmidFhGgUFK5aK

As shown, when you click on 'Search and Pin', only 475 parsed CIDs will be submitted. You can view the CID details by clicking on 'View List'.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at

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