Arweave Hosting

What is Arweave?

Arweave is a new type of technology that uses a form of database to store data that cannot be deleted or changed, and uses economics to incentive people to store the data for long periods of time for the first time ever. This combination makes either public or private data permanent.

Arweave is one of a disruptive types of innovation. It makes a fundamental change in how data is stored, or more precisely how data is stored over the long term.


4EVERLAND's AR Hosting service allows you to deploy front-end sites on Arweave, a blockchain-based data storage network that offers immutability and decentralization. Arweave is designed to provide a permanent, decentralized, and tamper-proof data storage solution, which means that front-end sites deployed on Arweave will exist permanently and without any single point of failure.

Unlike traditional hosting services that rely on centralized servers and controlled nodes, Arweave uses a decentralized network infrastructure that puts power back into the hands of users. This means that front-end sites deployed on Arweave are open, transparent, and cannot be censored or controlled by any single authority.

With 4EVERLAND's AR Hosting service, you can take advantage of the benefits of Arweave's decentralized network infrastructure to host and deploy your front-end sites, ensuring that they are always available, secure, and tamper-proof. This provides a powerful and flexible platform for hosting and managing your front-end sites, helping you to create and deploy high-performance, reliable, and secure applications and websites.

4EVERLAND implements one-click Arweave deployment in the smoothest way possible, we have made this possible at a much lower cost by integrating Arseeding’s capabilities.

Getting Started

Getting Started with 4EVERLAND by deploying your first website. The quickest way to begin is by connecting your website's GitHub repository to deploy directly from there and allow for continuous deployment. If you so choose, you can also deploy by uploading the full code base for you website.

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