4EVER Rollup Stack


The 4EVER Rollup Stack provides a dedicated rollup deployment using the battle-tested OP stack (Optimism Bedrock) and Polygon CDK, empowering users with a reliable and efficient framework for blockchain scalability. In addition, the 4EVER Rollup Stack introduces the innovative Arweave data availability, supporting Perma Blobs Archive Service.

Perma Blobs Archive Service: 4EVERLAND's vision of the Perma Blobs Archive Service serves as a Beacon Blobs Sidecar RPC for Layer2 services, initially designed for OP Stack services. It is an open-source tool aimed at enabling Layer2 project developers to build Layer2 using OP Stack. By simply syncing and running the Perma Blobs Archive Service, and configuring the relevant information in the setup file, every transaction on Layer2 will be uploaded to Arweave.

Therefore, anyone wishing to run an archive RPC node for the Layer2 or challenge transactions aggregated on Layer1 can access the transaction data of the Layer2 stored on Arweave for state recovery.

Furthermore, the settlement layer not only supports Ethereum but also Bitcoin and BNB Chain, providing a comprehensive multi-chain environment.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Cost-effectiveness: Achieve transactions at 10-100x cheaper rates compared to Ethereum, ensuring significant cost savings.

  • Ethereum Equivalence: Full support for Ethereum smart contracts and developer tooling, enabling seamless integration with the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • Fast Block Times: Experience rapid block times of 2 seconds per block, contributing to improved transaction processing speed.

  • Support Various data availability (DA) layers: Optional support for Celestia/Arweave Data Availability (DA) for further cost reduction and enhanced data management.

  • Licensing: Extensive permissiveness through the MIT licensing, promoting flexibility and accessibility for developers.

  • Superchain Integration: Access to the Optimism Superchain, a network of interconnected chains offering scalability and interoperability for enhanced performance.

  • Comprehensive infrastructure: Services will include comprehensive infrastructure including RPC, block explorer, indexer, etc.

Exploring the Superchain

The Optimism Superchain, an innovative network of interconnected chains built on the Optimism protocol, aims to elevate scalability and interoperability among Layer 2 blockchain networks. By unifying Optimism Mainnet and other OP stack chains into a single connected network, the Superchain promotes seamless communication, shared governance, and efficient transaction processing, fostering a cohesive and interconnected ecosystem.

For more info, view the Superchain explainer here.

Data Availability Options

The 4EVER Rollup offers a multiple Data Availability (DA) options(e.g., Celestia, Arweave), providing users with flexibility in selecting the desired data storage solution based on their specific requirements.

  • Celestia: Celestia is a modular data availability (DA) network that securely scales with the number of users, making it easy for anyone to launch their own blockchain.

  • Arweave: Arweave is a decentralized storage platform that aims to provide a permanent and low-cost storage solution for data.

The Significance of Celestia and Arweave for Data Availability:

Managing transaction data storage within rollup operations constitutes a significant and variable operational cost. Uploading all compressed transaction data to Ethereum directly can be expensive. Therefore, utilizing Celestia or Arweave for storing complete transaction data and only uploading TXIDs to Ethereum significantly reduces operational costs while ensuring seamless data verification when needed.

Operational Process Diagram

Supportive Services

Offered In addition to rollup deployment, 4EVER provides a range of supportive services, including:

Visual tools interface

  • Chain information summary

  • Bridge functionality

  • Block explorer

Developer tools

  • RPC (Remote Procedure Call) interface

  • Scan API

  • Graphnode API


The 4EVER Rollup Stack stands as a comprehensive and efficient solution for blockchain scalability, offering a robust framework with diverse functionalities and support services to enhance the user experience and optimize transaction processing.

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