Connected Git Repository

Seamlessly create Deployments for any commits pushed to your Git repository.

Production Branch

This is a presentation and record of your project's branches as they are deployed, with a switch option for Deploy Hook.

Deploy Hook is an automatic update deployment service. When there are commit updates to your Github code, Deploy Hook will perform the latest code deployment to ensure your project is up to date. When the switch is turned off, the automatic sync update deployment will not take effect, this setting also appears in your first deployment.

By default,every commit pushed to the main branch will trigger a Production Deployment instead of the usual Preview Deployment.

You can switch to a different branch here.

Git Web Hooks

Git Web hooks are Http post url requests that are used to manually trigger a redeployment process. These URLs are generated by you and correspond to your project's repository and branches, so you don't need to use any authentication to trigger a deployment. This feature can be used in scenarios such as scheduled deployments, assigning deployment permissions to team members, etc.

Steps to create a Git web Hooks:

Open Settings > Git > Git Web Hooks

Set a Hook name and click on 'Create Hook'

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