Pinning Services API

Pinning Services API

The IPFS Pinning Services API Spec

IPFS builds a standardised set of specifications for developers, allowing applications to integrate pinning services without the need to understand the pinning service's unique API.

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Users who are looking to use the IPFS Pinning Services API can perform interactions from the following 4EVER dedicated API endpoints:

Please visit the Official Endpoint Documentation for more up-to-date information.


You need to have an accessToken to authenticate with 4EVERLAND through the Pinning Services API spec and it can be easily found on the 4EVER Pin page. When you first enter the 4EVER Pin page, the accessToken is automatically generated.

This accessToken can not be deleted, but can be reset.

Note: The Bearer Token method is used for authentication in the Pinning Services API Spec, and you'll provide an authentication header using your accessToken as follows:

Authorization: Bearer YourAccessToken

Configuring 4EVERLAND in the IPFS Desktop App

You can configure the 4EVER Pin in the IPFS desktop application. To do so, open the app > Preferences > Add Service:

Select 'Add a custom one', fill in the form information and your accessToken from the 4EVER Pin.

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