Dedicated Gateways

4EVERLAND offers dedicated gateways for those who need greater speed or increased rate limits when retrieving content, and now you can use it for free!
Currently, in order to prevent malicious abuse, users access to the dedicated gateway need to maintain an account balance of more than $100 (Any assets you deposit can be withdrawn at any time). Registered users will receive 100GB of dedicated gateway data per month.

The benefits of a dedicated gateway:

  • Globally distributed edge nodes provide global acceleration
  • No rate limiting
  • Support for custom domains

Create a dedicated gateway

Find the dedicated gateway on the Gateway page and click on 'Generate'.
Provide a name for your dedicated gateway.
Choose whether your gateway is open or restricted.
Currently, the free version of the dedicated gateway allows users to create up to three dedicated gateways and keep one as RESTRICTED.

How I use my gateway

Here is an example of content through our public gateway:
And here's an example of a dedicated gateway if I named it 'dedicated':
It can be found that you only need to get the CID of the file you want to view and add it to your gateway URL to view the content through your gateway, as follows.
https://<Your Gateway Subdomain><Your CID>
Simple as that!

Setting Page

Please click the 'edit' button to enter the settings page.

Default Page

This function is used to set the default page when accessing the gateway domain, you can choose to enter the IPFS or URL address.
For example, if the domain name of the gateway is, entering the domain name directly into the browser's address bar will show the specified URL or IPFS content.

Adding Access Controls

To add access control please read Open or Restricted?

Adding a Custom Domain

4EVERlAND allows you to create custom domains for dedicated gateways.
You will need to have the domain you want to use. When you enter the domain, you will be prompted to enter DNS information via the registrar.
Start experiencing the dedicated gateway now!
If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at [email protected].