Archive Node

The 4EVERLAND RPC Archive Node feature provides comprehensive historical blockchain data accessibility. This document details how the 4EVERLAND RPC Archive Node operates and can be integrated into users' applications.

Supported Blockchains

The 4EVERLAND RPC Archive Node is currently available on the following supported blockchains:

  • BNB Chain

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon


The archive node stores all historical data of the respective blockchain. It is particularly useful for accessing data from earlier blocks and necessitates significant storage capacity. Due to the substantial volume of data, processing times may be lengthier compared to non-archive nodes.

Performance Metrics

4EVERLAND RPC's Archive Node features industry-leading capabilities, ensuring unparalleled speed and consistency. Below are the response time metrics for the archive node on BSC at different percentiles and QPS (queries per second):

  • QPS: 1,000

    • Avg. response time: 15ms

    • 90th percentile response time: 22ms

  • QPS: 10,000

    • Avg. response time: 23ms

    • 90th percentile response time: 37ms

Archive Data Accessibility

4EVERLAND RPC's Archive Node provides unfettered accessibility to historical data for all tiers of customers without additional fees. Application developers can retrieve historical data using the following JSON-RPC methods:

  • eth_getBalance

  • eth_getCode

  • eth_getStorageAt

  • eth_call

  • eth_estimateGas

  • eth_getTransactionCount

Debug API

Additionally, the 4EVERLAND RPC Archive Node offers a Debug API, allowing users to replay previously executed transactions. It's important to note that the Debug API requires additional resources and may involve higher costs and response times due to infrastructure maintenance. The following methods are available within the Debug API:

  • debug_traceTransaction

  • debug_traceCall

  • debug_traceBlockByNumber

  • debug_traceBlockByHash

By integrating the 4EVERLAND RPC Archive Node into your blockchain applications, users can expect top-tier performance, seamless data accessibility, and robust debugging capabilities.

If you need further detailed information or specific technical guidance, feel free to reach out, and we will be happy to assist you - Open a ticket for assistance on Discord.

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