IPFS Hosting

What is IPFS?

Interplanetary File System, also known as IPFS, is a decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for storing and retrieving files or websites.
Since IPFS is a peer-to-peer network protocol, each client (also known as a peer or node) is connected to every other peer, enabling it to function as both the client and the server at the same time, as opposed to each client being connected to a host server as in the client-server paradigm.
With this configuration, any peer can serve any requested file or website and be a productive member of the network to provide high availability, reliability, and resiliency to network outages or disruptions.
With IPFS, peers are able to pool their resources such as storage space or internet bandwidth to ensure that files are always available, resilient to outages, and most importantly, decentralized.


When you deploy your site to 4EVERLAND, it will have an IPFS hash, and further automated deployments will also update the IPFS hash of your site. Your website comes with a CDN, a free SSL certificate, and a 4EVERLAND sample URL. You can add ENS/SNS domains, add custom domains, and set deploy previews.
Getting Started
Getting Started with 4EVERLAND by deploying your first website. The quickest way to begin is by connecting your website's GitHub repository to deploy directly from there and allow for continuous deployment. If you so choose, you can also deploy by uploading the full code base for you website.