Get Root CID - Snapshots

What is a snapshot

In the field of computer science, creating a snapshot of a folder means generating a static copy of the folder's current state. Similarly, within the 4EVERLAND BUCKET, taking a snapshot of a folder provides an IPFS CID value that represents a complete copy of all the files and subfolders within the folder. This snapshot can be used to restore the folder to a specific point in time, making it useful for data backup, recovery, version control, and more.

Benefits and Use Cases

  1. Data Integrity: In the Web3 and NFT domains, blockchain technology is frequently used to record and verify data ownership and integrity. By taking a snapshot of a folder and associating the hash value of the snapshot with a corresponding blockchain transaction, an immutable proof of the folder's state can be provided.

  2. Sharing and Distribution: By creating a snapshot of a folder, it becomes possible to transfer the entire copy of the folder to other users without the need to transfer each file individually. This simplifies sharing and distribution processes, especially in scenarios involving large folders or collaborations.

  3. Controlled Uploads: In the NFT field, it is common to take snapshots of the storage content of entire artworks or collections and store the associated IPFS CID value. By doing so, creators can choose the appropriate moment to release or display their creations, providing better control over the publication process.

  4. Remote Collaboration: Managing and sharing snapshots of folders facilitates convenient remote collaboration. Team members can access the folder's state at specific points in time as per their requirements, enabling them to work and make edits based on a common understanding.

By leveraging the power of snapshots, users can effectively manage and restore the state of their folders, ensuring efficient data management and collaboration

How to Create a Snapshot in a Bucket

First, you need to create an IPFS Bucket.

Then click on 'New Folder' to create a folder.

Select the folder and click on the 'Shapshot' option below

You will be asked if you want to publish the CID created by this snapshot to the IPFS network now. Click 'Yes' and you will be able to immediately query the CID on the IPFS network and get the data.

Alternatively, you can choose to publish manually later, an action that will only generate the corresponding CID and will not be able to query the data on the IPFS network. You can publish manually later in the snapshot list

View or manipulate your completed snapshots in the Snapshots list.

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