IPFS Gateway

Content Addressing

In a broad sense, most of today's networks operate using what is known as location addressing. Location addressing retrieves online information from a specific location on the network - i.e. from behind a URL.


However, there are some critical issues with this approach. Location addressing is centralised, which means that anyone controlling the location can control the content.

4EVERLAND uses the CID generated by IPFS (Interplanetary File System) to enable content addressing for IPFS stored data. To make IPFS data accessible outside of peer-to-peer networks, special IPFS nodes called "gateways" act as a bridge between the HTTP protocol, which all web browsers understand, and the peer-to-peer protocol.

Using the gateway

Simply put, a gateway is an IPFS peer that accepts HTTP requests for IPFS CIDs.

The 4EVERLAND public IPFS gateway is:


To prevent the abuse of phishing content, the public gateway currently does not support access to HTML content.

Rate limit

4EVERLAND IPFS open gateway is a public, shared resource and it is often in high demand. In order to provide fair access to all users, 4EVERLAND IPFS open gateway imposes request limits on large traffic sources.

The 4EVERLAND Public IPFS Gateway has an effective rate limit of 300 RPM (requests per minute).

Path style

The "path style" URL places the IPFS CID in the path section of the gateway URL, as follows.


If the CID points to a directory listing, you can append a file name to the directory to obtain the file.


Subdomain style

The "subdomain style" gateway URL places the CID in the host section of the URL as a subdomain of the gateway host, as follows.


If the CID refers to a directory listing, you can use the path part of the URL to specify the filename.



The IPFS gateway owns the content that can acquire the IPFS network by itself and deliver it to users via HTTPS. 4EVERLAND gateways offer global acceleration, custom domain, and SSL certificate technology to chaise better performance. Start to use IPFS gateways on the Open Web, check the link below:


4EVERLAND gateways offer global acceleration, custom domain, and SSL certificate to chaise better performance,users will be benefit from the 4EVERLAND IPFS gateway by leveraging its geographically distributed swarm network.

4EVERLAND Edge Nodes

4EVERLAND's IPFS gateway has more than 200 global edge nodes that can globally accelerate, and when the user accesses the file path through 4EVERLAND's Edge node it will select the fastest node closest to the user.

  • Global Acceleration

  • Automatic Allocation

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