Arweave Gateway

For sites hosted on the Arweave through 4EVERLAND, we use the Arseeding gateway service, built by the everFinance.

What is Arseeding?

Arseed is a powerful infrastructure within the Arweave ecosystem, providing not only Arweave gateway functionality but also for uploading, downloading and broadcasting any AR native transactions/data.

Arseeding nodes:

Arseed is fully compatible with Arweave native nodes, allowing developers to send transactions directly to Arseed nodes, meaning that Arseed automatically broadcasts transactions to all Arweave nodes in the network.

Arweave has a probabilistic storage system, which means that each node does not need to store all the data, and even the gateway does not necessarily store all the data in the chain.

Path style

The "path style" URL places the AR Hash in the path section of the gateway URL, as follows.<HASH>

After Arseeding receives the arId submitted by the user, it first fetches the transaction data from the gateway, and if the fetching fails, it fetches the transaction data from the network-wide nodes until it succeeds.

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