Metamask login

MetaMask is a global community of developers and designers dedicated to making the world a better place with blockchain technology. Please click on the following website to download and install the program.

Choose the platform you want to install on, if you choose to install on Chrome, the website will direct you to the Chrome Web Store.

Click to 'Add to Chrome'.

Click on 'Get started' when the installation is complete.

New to the area? Click on 'Create a wallet'.

Enter the password to access the wallet and click 'Create'.

Please read the relevant tutorial video carefully and click 'Next'.

Record and back up any random keys that appear, it's the only proof you have to retrieve your wallet!

Enter the keys in order until the following page appears and click on 'All done'.

Congratulations, you've created your first Web3 wallet! Please note your wallet address as well as your assets.

Finally, please pin the program to the Chrome Extensions for next time.

For more information on how to use MetaMask, please visit the official MeraMask support.

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