ENS Domains

You can easily point an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain to your IPFS site and have the content automatically update for future deployments.The advantage of ENS domains is that they operate on the Ethereum blockchain network through smart contracts and are decentralized and trustless.

It's vital to remember that a user must have a compatible provider or browser installed in order to resolve or visit an ENS domain. One approach is to use the MetaMask browser extension, which can resolve .eth domains.

Need help with an ENS domain? Visit the troubleshooting.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains are only compatible with IPFS sites at the moment. We are exploring ways to bring ENS to AR/Internet Computer hosted sites in the future!


Go to the ENS Domain page and click on 'Add', select an project that requires a custom domain.

Enter the ENS domain name you want to add.

From here the system will confirm whether you own the ENS domain.

Still 'Invalid Configuration'? Please click 'Verify Configuration' to verify, you need to trigger a transaction through the Ethereum Web3 bowser, such as Metamask. If you using Metamask, a popup will appear asking for confirm.

After authentication is complete, you will need to set up the content hash. This means that you will set the IPNS address on 4EVERLAND that references your site, and 4EVERLAND will be updated periodically at each deployment to keep your site's content up to date. Click on 'Set Content Hash' to start the process.

Once you have approved the transaction, in the settings section, the domain will show that the Ethernet transaction is awaiting confirmation. Once confirmed, the ENS domain will be successfully added to the 4EVERLAND.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at contact@4everland.org.

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