SNS Domains

Solana Name Service (SNS) has a simple mission of providing a decentralized and yet affordable way to map domain names (represented as .sol) to on-chain data. Where on-chain data can be anything from a Solana (SOL) address to IPFS CID, images, text, and more.


Go to the SNS Domain page and click on 'Add', select an project that requires a custom domain.

Enter the SNS domain name you want to add.

From here the system will confirm whether you own the SNS domain.

Still 'Invalid Configuration'? Please click 'Verify Configuration' to verify, you need to trigger a transaction through the Solana Web3 bowser, such as Phantom.

If you using Phantom, a popup will appear asking for Approve.

Once confirmed, the SNS domain will be successfully added to the 4EVERLAND.

Solana Name Service (SNS) domains are only compatible with IPFS sites at the moment. We are exploring ways to bring SNS to AR/Internet Computer hosted sites in the future.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at

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